-Who are you?

People who sell T-shits.


-I don’t like what you do, how do I complain?

If you don’t like our politics don’t bother to contact us we won’t even read it. If you’re left crew and you think we should improve something email us at 0161aus@mail.com


-I have some designs; would you sell them?

Yes, that’s why we are doing this. Many of the old left logo shirts are looking tired as fuck. It’s time for us to get some new ones. We are doing this so we can put out new left designed and money in the hands of leftist designers. Get in contact today 0161aus@mail.com


-I emailed you and you haven’t got back to me, when will you email me back?

We only check the emails once a week so our replies can be a little slow. We’ll get back to you soon.


-My shirts are late, how long will they take?

Our shirts take a few weeks to get to you sometimes. If it’s less than that there is nothing we are able to do to speed them up so just hold on a little longer. If it’s more than that, we should check what’s going on. Email us at 0161aus@mail.com


-Can you help our protest or political crew fund raise?

Fuck yes, many of our shirts raise money for different leftist crews. We do profit share on shirts that gets sent to you monthly. No contract or any shit like that, just mutual agreement between us on how it gets done. Get in contact via 0161aus@mail.com


-We want to sell shirts but have the money go to a charity, can you do that?

Yeah no problem. We can either send you the money to donate or we can donate it for you. Up to you.


-Can I stay anonymous and buy from you?

Kind of, you’re going to want to get yourself and prepaid gift card to pay for it then you’re going to want to make up a fake name for the delivery address. Warning, if for some reason this package gets lost in the mail or they hold it at the post office, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to retrieve it from the postal service because your name won’t match the parcel. Other than that, all cool.


-Do you sell these anywhere offline?

Sometimes, if you go to the kind of events and gigs that we do then you’ve probably seen us flogging our shirts.

-Will you sell my band shirt?

Probably, as long as your politics fits. We will make the shirts and work out some profit share with you. Get in contact with us at 0161aus@mail.com


-Are these shirts ethically produced?

As ethically we could produce them without them being $70 a shirt. We have made as many ethical decisions as we can while still being affordable for the kind of street punks that buy our shirts. They are about as ethical or more ethical than the band t-shirts you buy at a local punk gig. So the answer is we will always try to improve our ethical score, but at this stage we can’t guarantee that it’s 100% the whole way through the supply chain.


-Do you give refunds?

Yeah, the law says Australian consumer law says that a store or seller MUST provide a repair, replacement or refund if an item is faulty or significantly not as described. We would do it anyway of course because we’re not arseholes, but we just wanted to remind you, so you don’t get done over anywhere else, know your rights. Of those 3 R's choices we know refunds are what people really want so we do refunds, but we don’t do them for the wrong size because we make the shirts custom, so double check your size. For a refund contact us at 0161aus@mail.com